Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hampi in Photos

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Hampi rocks at sunrise

Hampi sunrise: Orange granite, green rice paddies, mist and a temple

Woman in a red Sari walks through the rice paddy

Santiago from Argentina tries Double Tap

Vitthala Temple

Saucer shaped boats in the river

Jack from Denmark about to send Double Tap

Me trying Double Tap.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pix! So we went to Ajanta for dinner last night and we told Lachu (the owner) that you were there. He was thrilled and he mentioned a Lonely Planet phrase that went something like this: "if you want to see what life is like on another planet, go to India"...your picture of Hampi and the saucer shaped boats made me think of that right away! Love you, da

Unknown said...

So enjoyable seeing these photos. Such a fabulous and unusual geography. No wonder you are spending extra time here. Between your love of photography and climbing, it's the perfect place. Some questions: how old are the temples? What does "Double Tap" mean? Can't wait to see and hear more. Love, Ma

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been having a great time and are having some amazing experiences. Some Indian friends of ours invited us to a Holi Festival celebration this weekend. Wondering if that's something that is big where your at? We saw it on Amazing Race last year and it looked like fun. Take care. Jeff

Anonymous said...

hi zach,
here is monica, ian's mom. he told me today about your trip and here i am enjoying so much the marvelous pictures and stories about your adventure. very moving.
looking forward for more,

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